Kaila and Charm's first blue ribbon

Before all the puppies and foals

Thank you for visiting our web site and giving us a chance to share with you our love for animals. I was all about animals by the age of four. If it wasn't a chicken named Copper Penny, it was a goose named Cookie following me down the street to a friends house.

By age five I had graduate to a sales position by charging the neighborhood kids for a ride in my pony cart. It was going very well, until one of the children went crying to my mom. They told her that I would not give them a ride unless they paid me $1.00 a day. From then on I have either been riding my horse down a trail, in a parade or showing one at a horse show.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Even if I may not be able to provided you with what you are looking for, maybe I can point you in the right direction.